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“Synapses are the connections between neurons in the brain through which nervous impulses pass.”


Synapse is an advanced event framework in C++:

  • Modulair plugin system
  • Easy to write modules
  • Easy to send and receive message, while maintaining code readability
  • Session management
  • Build in authentication
  • Fine grained access control on sending and receiving of events
  • Events can be handled by multiple threads if desired (max-threads is adjustable per session and per module)

Whitepaper/notes (still dutch and messy, but nice drawings ;):

Module documentation:

More documentation soon



psy@r3m0t3h0st ~/test $ svn co --username=anonymous --password=anonymous
Checked out revision 311.


psy@r3m0t3h0st ~/test $ cd synapse/
psy@r3m0t3h0st ~/test/synapse $ cmake .
psy@r3m0t3h0st ~/test/synapse $ make

Run a module:

psy@r3m0t3h0st ~/test/synapse $ ./synapse modules/test.module/

Automatic asterisk operator panel

This is the first serious project built on top of the synapse platform.

  • Multi server
  • Multi tennant
  • Minimal configuration
  • Auto detection of SIP devices
  • Web based
  • Login is done by calling a special number, so no additional password and user management is neccesary.

Used synapse modules:

  • asterisk_ami: Connects to a asterisk management interface
  • http_json: Build-in webserver for full-duplex events. (used in combination with asterisk.html.)
  • timer module
  • asterisk: this is the project module that mainly talks with the asterisk_ami module. its responsible for collecting and tracking all relevant asterisk data.
  • marquee: Module to control our marquee
  • asterisk_marquee: Module to couple asterisk module with multiple remote marquees.


Current version:

  • Tracking of all calls, channels and sip devices.
  • Html panel that shows all sip devices and channels in realtime.
  • Still read-only
  • Authentication by calling a special number from your sip-device
  • Multi tennant support.
  • Better user interface.

Next version:

  • Multiple marquee support.

Future versions:

  • Transfer calls
  • Make calls
  • etc.

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